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LTL Freight Linear Foot Guideline

In the LTL shipping world, it is crucial to understand that each carrier has a unique linear foot rule. This means that once the dimensions of freight exceed certain parameters, the standard LTL quote from our system may be invalid due to a linear foot rule.

As a rule of thumb, any rate for shipments greater than 4 pallets would need verification by simply emailing

For example, consider a load shipping LTL containing 8 pallets and taking up 14 linear feet of truck space. If the LTL limit set by the carrier is 12 linear feet, then the LTL rate quote generated by the system would not be valid due to the carrier's linear feet rule. 

Below please find a general guideline that shows each carrier and their corresponding linear foot rule. Please keep in mind that this is just a general guideline as sometimes many other factors affecting a carrier's linear foot rule could be involved. 

If you are shipping more than 4 standard 40" x 48" pallets, please make sure to contact us for linear foot information regarding the specific shipment and for an individualized rate quote in order to avoid acquiring extra carrier fees.

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